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Visit Columbia House Canada online at ColumbiaHouse.ca where you'll receive 5 DVDs for $0.49 each plus $1.99 per selection for shipping. After that, all you need to do is buy 4 more DVDs at regular Club prices in the next year... and that's it! How long you remain a member is entirely up to you, as you're free to cancel your membership at any time after buying your 4 selections. Improve your DVD collection with ColumbiaHouse.ca. Improve your budget with Columbia House Canada discounts, Columbia House Canada coupons, columbia House Canada promotions and Columbia House Canada savings from 58Coupons.com.


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Four Movies for $4

Join Columbia House's club membership club today and enjoy four movies in either blu-ray or dvd for only $4.

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Regular Club Prices from As Low As $19.95

When you check out the regular selection of DVDs on ColumbiaHouse.ca, you'll find prices from as low as $19.95.

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Low One-Time Membership Fee

Enjoy a low one-time membership fee at ColumbiaHouseCanada.com. Just pay $5.99 once, and as long as you buy 2 DVDs per year you're good to go. Click link.

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Choose from Over 8500 Titles

ColumbiaHouse.ca offers a great variety of titles with over 8500 different options.